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Exclusive Workers’ Compensation coverage is available to all Retail Association of Nevada members.  RAN sponsors the Nevada Retail Network Self Insured Group (NRNSIG) specifically to serve its members in managing their bottom line costs while receiving superior management of their coverage, claims and safety of all your employees.

More and more employers are seeking “Alternative Risk Management” programs to escape the chaotic, uncertain, and less stable traditional insurance market while gaining control of their risks and claims. You can rely on the Nevada Retail Network Self Insured Group, managed by Pro Group to assist you in all aspects of your workers’ compensation coverage needs.

Joining a well-established and strong performing Self Insured Group allows you to take control of your own risk plan reaping the benefits of working safer, managing claims more aggressively than traditional plans and realizing rewarding cost savings.

What Are The Benefits Of A Self-Insured Group?

  Increased Work Place Safety
  Reduced Rates
Comply with State Regulations
  Effective Claims Management
  Reduce Interruption
Protect Your Employees
  Retain Your Profits
Full Control Of Your Coverage

And Much More

Online services that include paperless billing, online filing and reporting, full evidence of coverage management system that puts you in control, secure online claims filing, claims forms, safety posters, online payroll audit services, full reporting and much much more.

All of these features are included at no additional cost to you only in the Nevada Retail Network Self Insured Group.

As Nevada employers take a closer look at their overall workers’ comp program costs, self-insured groups continue to stand out as the most cost effective option available. Give Pro Group a call and let us help you understand the benefits of joining a self-insured group for your business’s workers’ compensation coverage.

Talk with one of our specialists today at (800) 859-3177 Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or by emailing us at

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