Bryan Wachter: The Time for Action is Now

This summer’s Special Sessions were a wake-up call for Nevada’s business community. For too long we have been sitting on the sidelines, hoping and praying that Nevada’s elected officials would somehow get the message that their policies are putting our businesses out of business. Nevada businesses and business leaders need to start engaging in our elections now or risk the legislative and policy consequences of ongoing single-party control of the Nevada Legislature.

While RAN has always been actively involved behind the scenes, this year RAN has issued endorsements in the 2020 Election to help you and your employees know which candidates will support our industries in Carson City. These are the candidates who support business and have shown a desire to work together to have conversations to ensure that good policy decisions come out of the legislature. If you vote for no one else this year, vote for our RAN endorsed candidates in November, and make sure your employees vote for them, too.

Nevada businesses can no longer take for granted that Nevada’s pro-business economy will never change. Nevada businesses have taken smaller and smaller roles in our state elections, and political contributions has failed to keep up as costs of campaigns and media have risen. And as we’ve seen over the last several legislative sessions, there are strong efforts at work for a progressive, anti-business agenda in Carson City. Now more than ever Nevada business owners must stand together, and for this reason, RAN is launching a new political action committee (PAC) to engage more aggressively politically, but we need your help. If every RAN member matched their dues payment with a PAC contribution, we would have a significant amount of resources to change the makeup of the Nevada Legislature back to a pro-business direction.

This election RAN has been more active than ever when it comes to holding our elected representatives accountable. RAN has already begun to work in races where the elected official has opposed the business community when we need them most, and with the creation of the new RAN PAC and your financial support, we will be better able to support candidates who will have the hard policy conversations and make the decisions to support Nevada’s pro-business climate.

If we’ve learned anything over these past few years, it’s that Nevada businesses cannot continue to take for granted a pro-business legislature. This is something we need to build and defend against a growing progressive agenda in Nevada. It’s not too late to join us now before Election Day in November. Your contributions and your votes can make all the difference to ensure Nevada businesses are represented and listened to when the Legislature convenes next year.