RAN Endorses in Nevada Legislative and Judicial Races

COVID-19 has brought to bear changes to our way of life that will transform how we make a living, how we experience the physical world around us, how we engage in relationships, and how we mange our physical and mental health. As business owners, how you manage and operate your business has undoubtedly changed. The Retail Association is no exception and we have been proud of the new ways we have found to communicate with our members and from that new dialogue it is clear our retailers are engaged and care deeply about their communities, their employees, and the future of Nevada.

During this time of tremendous turmoil RAN has continued our work to effectively advocate for Nevada’s retailers by providing guidance and information to government agencies, elected officials, and multiple new Task Forces and Committees. Our association was honored to play a role in securing the supply chain for Nevadans to ensure the efficient and necessary supply of groceries, medicine, and the millions of products our citizens use in their daily lives.

Contributing to the stress of the season is the heavily fought election battle raging on the presidential level. Polling, done by others and by RAN, show that most voters have made up their minds on who to elect as president. To expand the conversation beyond Washington D.C. and lend a new focus to the Nevada legislative races, the Retail Association of Nevada is endorsing candidates for office.

As members, you are familiar with our Legislative Matrix that is published at the conclusion of each regular session of the Nevada Legislature. The matrix looks at actual votes taken, and legislative activity conducted by each member of the Nevada Legislature on issues of key importance to our industry. It has been a useful and foundational part of RAN’s government affairs advocacy for more than a decade and we will be continuing to publish that report.
Our endorsements, on the other hand, serve a more forward-thinking purpose. Rather than as a grade for performance, these endorsements serve as tool to

understand how the legislature could approach crafting solutions for the real and current problems confronting all Nevadans. The candidates we have endorsed have all proposed or crafted solutions to the problems we face, crumbling infrastructure, poor education funding, over regulation, and fiscal irresponsibility. They face new challengers in some cases who do not have ideas of their own and they face some who have been ineffective in office in crafting meaningful resolutions to these problems. We firmly believe, that if successfully elected, Nevada will be stronger, and positioned to come out of 2020 with leadership and a vision for a more prosperous future.

State Senate
Dina Neal, Senate District 4
Carrie Buck, Senate District 5
April Becker, Senate District 6
Heidi Gansert, Senate District 15
Scott Hammond, Senate District 18
Pete Goicoechea, Senate District 19

State Assembly
Heidi Kasama, Assembly District 2
Jason Frierson, Assembly District 8
Steve Yeager, Assembly District 9
Tom Roberts, Assembly District 13
Mellissa Hardy, Assembly District 22
Glen Leavitt, Assembly District 23
Jill Tolles, Assembly District 25
Lisa Krasner, Assembly District 26
Steven Delisle, Assembly District 29
Jill Dickman, Assembly District 31
Alexis Hansen, Assembly District 32
John Ellison, Assembly District 33
Gregory Hafen, Assembly District 36
Robin Titus, Assembly District 38