Mary Lau: The Advantage of This Present Moment

Complying with an executive order to close your business, as a result of a global pandemic, is likely the most difficult business decision you have ever had to make. Yet, it is a double-edged sword as we are left guessing what the new state of capitalism, commerce, trade and global economics might be once the economy is opened again for business. There is a lot to take in, and being a business owner adds more stress because you have to consider your family, your employees and employee’s families in the whole matter. Undoubtedly, you feel the weight of the decision you made.

One option is to consider it a good time to look at your business from another prospective and take the time to truly assess it internally and externally. Some times we get so caught up in cash flow analysis and internal financials that we are buried under those reports and things that we’d like to truly consider go by the wayside.

Recovery is a process, but so is building a sustainable business model that can survive pitfalls and disasters such as the one we are in right now. I’m in no way suggesting I’m a business coach, actually outside of my role and responsibilities at RAN, I’m like you – a business owner.