March Nevada News

Segerblom Wants to be state Democratic Party Chairman

Clark County Commissioner Tick Segerblom will run for the chairmanship of the Nevada State Democratic Party. Segerblom filed his official paperwork as nominations to replace outgoing chair and fellow Commissioner William McCurdy II began Monday. He is currently the only candidate to have done so, according to the state party. Its central committee will elect a new chair on March 6. If elected, this would be Segerblom’s second turn at the helm of the state party. He previously served as its chair from 1990-94. Segerblom is in his first term on the commission, having served 12 years as an assemblyman and state senator in the Nevada Legislature prior to that.


Legislature Passes $50M COVID Relief Plan for Nevada Businesses

Governor Sisolak signed a bill to provide an additional $50 million dollars to help small businesses hurt by the pandemic. Assembly Bill 106 provided the vehicle to distribute the Pandemic Emergency Technical Support (PETS) grant program. Typical grants were in the neighborhood of $10,000 dollars. Approximately 4,600 businesses have been helped. The program began in October with $20 million; lawmakers added $31 million to it in December. In its initial four-day application period in October, the state received more than 13,000 applications. The latest increase boosts the total to over $100 million. Funding comes from federal COVID-19 relief dollars.


According to the Mitigation and Management Task Force, on February 18th COVID-19 are trending in the right direction as the case positivity rate continues to fall. Currently, it is 11.8%, which is down from over 20%. The CDC goal is 5% or less. New daily cases are also down. Nevada averages 462 new daily cases verses nearly 1000 last week. As a result, hospitalizations and deaths are falling too. Currently there are 740 people in our state hospitalized due to COVID-19, and daily deaths, due to COVID-19, stand at a daily average of 14 verses 18 daily deaths last week. Nevada is moving in the right direction.

Vaccinations in Nevada continue. There have been 464,037 doses administered. People who have received a second dose stand at 118,192. State legislators have also been offered vaccines and will soon be offered their second dose. Overall; 3.75% of Nevada’s population has been vaccinated. It is hoped that the involvement of private sector pharmacies will soon increase the availability of vaccines.