Mary Lau

President/Chief Executive Officer

Mary Lau a long-time member of the board for the Retail Association
became its President/CEO

in the late 1980’s . Her knowledge of Nevada’s economic, structural, and political atmosphere make her one of the most sought-after commentators on policy issues facing the Silver State. As a frequent guest of many of Nevada’s talk shows, newspaper columns, and open forums, Mary provides the Retail Association and its members the exposure and expertise that helps the retail industry marshal its agenda through the Nevada Legislature.

Mary directs a Government Affairs staff (which you can read more about below) that ensures RAN’s members are fully represented in every category of issues that affect Nevada’s retailers. Always accountable for the attainment of the retail industry’s legislative portfolio, Mary takes her role as President of the Association to heart. Mary is responsible for managing the larger issues that transcend the retail industry, and concentrates on how the retail industry interacts with Nevada’s other large industries, with the goal that the state’s business community works together toward a more open transparent, and successful Nevada. Having been at the helm of RAN through many volatile legislative sessions, Mary’s experience makes her an invaluable resource to her staff, legislators, policy makers, and the state.

Mary has served on various boards and commissions during her tenure at RAN, including such diverse issues such as Automotive Repair Advisory Board, Nevada State Board of Pharmacy and the Nevada Judicial Ethics Commission as well as private business and charitable boards.

Mary is a graduate of Sierra Nevada College in Incline Village Nevada.