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NGA Prescription Drug Abuse Seminar
Governor and Kathleen Sandoval and the National Governors Association hosted a seminar on prescription drug abuse on May 4th and 5th, in conjunction with the passing of Senate Bill 459. This seminar brought a diverse group of public and private parties together to discuss how to accomplish the goal of “18% reduction in prescription drug abuse by 2018” and how we can all work to help achieve this goal. Break out groups discussed the four very distinct solutions to substance abuse in Nevada. They are: 1. Education – Community and Provider 2. Data Collection and Sharing Recommendations 3. Screening and Treatment Recommendations 4. Criminal Justice Recommendation The governor initially developed a core team comprised of public agencies to create a plan that would address the prescription drug problem in Nevada and improve the overall community health concerns. This core group then scheduled this “stakeholders” meeting to obtain feedback from the private sector. Once the final document from these breakout groups is complete, I will forward this information to members. In order to obtain the governor’s goal, there will be work ongoing during the interim. RAN will also continue to host the Industry Coalition on Prescription Drug Abuse and will be reaching out to members and the industry after the legislative session has concluded. Liz MacMenamin Vice President of Government Affairs Retail Association of Nevada 410 S. Minnesota Street Carson City, NV 89703 Cell - 775-720-2528 Office - 775-882-1700 Fax - 775-882-1713
Washoe County District Board of Health
Agenda item 12 at the Washoe County District Board of Health meeting on Thursday, April 23 was the review and discussion of the business impact statement regarding proposed amendments to the County’s regulations governing food establishments. Some of the changes that are of particular interest to the retail industry are the Food Protection Manager Certification training requirements on page 72, ready-to-eat food handling that prohibits bare hand contact on page 102, and HACCP and Operational Plans on page 193. The proposed regulations can be reviewed at: The most significant public comment was regarding the Food Protection Manager Certification section. This proposal would eliminate the required 16-hour classroom-training course provided by a Washoe County approved instructor. Instead, training could be conducted by any certification organization in any jurisdiction, including online. Businesses were supportive of this concept, as this would represent savings on training costs. However, local instructors were adamantly opposed, as this would reduce their business opportunities and revenue. The public hearing for possible adoption of these proposed amendments will be at the District Board of Health meeting on May 28. If you have any questions or would like additional information about these regulations, please contact Lea Tauchen at