Looking Out for Business

The business climate may change frequently due to regulations, legislation, public sentiment, education, marketing and customer variables.  RAN can help your business meet the current demands and anticipate the future with confidence.  Since its inception in 1969, RAN has been a leader, a watchdog, a public relations and lobbying tool and a source of information for the business community in Nevada.

RAN was formed for the purpose of uniting merchants throughout the state on matters of common interest.  The Association is the leading advocate for Nevada retailers and has a reputation as one of the most effective pro-business organizations in the state Membership has the added benefit of providing eligible businesses with their workers’ compensation insurance as the sponsoring association of the Nevada Retail Network Self-Insured Group administered by ProGroup Management, a full service workers compensation company.


Nevada’s Legislature meets biannually in odd numbered years for 120 days starting on the first Monday in February. The 2013 session will begin on February 4th and will adjourn on June 3rd. During the session, RAN’s in-house lobby team works in conjunction with outside counsel to track all bills that affect the retail industry such as business taxes, employer/employee issues, wage issues, health insurance, technology issues, pharmacy related legislation, energy, organized retail theft and much more.   However, RAN’s work doesn’t end when a legislative session adjourns.  There are legislative committees meeting during the interim, and RAN is involved, monitoring their actions, testifying when appropriate to protect the retail industry’s interests.

Retailers throughout the state are also affected by rules and regulations set by local jurisdictions, and RAN regularly represents businesses at these different levels.  Lea Tauchen, RAN’s Director of Government Affairs, General Merchandise, has worked extensively at the local level on Food stamp, food handling, plastic bag recycling, and other issues.  Liz Macmenamin, Vice President of Government Affairs, Pharmacy and Health Care has worked diligently on regulatory issues before the State Board of Pharmacy.